Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Don’t Be So Sensitive

When you’ve got sensitive teeth, things can get a little tricky to consume depending on their temperature. As much as you love coffee, you’ve got to be careful what side of your mouth it touches when you sip it. And some hot soups are just dangerous to eat because of the pain it can cause you. Heck, what’s even weirder is that it’s extreme temperatures in either direction. So ice cream is usually a no go unless you know how to place it on the opposite side of your mouth just perfectly.

Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why you have sensitive teeth. Sometimes you’re born with overly sensitive nerves in the roots of your teeth. But other times it’s because the enamel has been worn away on the surface of certain teeth, exposing the tender nerves below. No matter the case, sensitive teeth are not fun to have when you love to chow down on various foods.

Thankfully, there are ways to prevent further sensitivity and even help strengthen your teeth to reduce the sensitivity.

Keep away from whitening products that bleach

For people with sensitive teeth like yourself, you can still have your teeth whitened, but it depends on the product you opt for. Asking your dentist is your best bet so that the product you end up using doesn’t further erode your enamel. Just make sure you know what you’re buying and how to use it, especially if some of your sensitive teeth are the ones that will be in contact with the whitening product.

Steer clear of acidic food and drinks

Pretty much any soda, certain fruits, and most candy are able to eat at your enamel a lot easier and quicker than other foods and drinks. Brushing your teeth or drinking water right after consuming any of these will help immensely in keeping your teeth strong and not worsening your sensitivity situation.

Check in twice a year with your dentist
This is probably a given, but still, seeing your dentist regularly helps to keep your sensitivity in check and can even reverse the situation to make your teeth less sensitive over time. Dentists are professionals, so if you tell them your pain has been getting better or worse, it’ll help them identify what else you can do to help your teeth.

While sensitivity in your teeth can be painful, being sure to follow some of these points can help with sensitivity to both hot and cold foods and drinks.

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